Character Creation

Ability Scores
Characters will be made using the point by system in the Dungeon Master’s Guide on page 169 using 32-point buy.

Characters can pick any race from the list of races provided later in this document. A character can start as either an Effective Level +0 race or an Effective Level +1 race. EL +0 races start at 2nd level while EL +1 races start at 1st level. Your Effective Level adjustment has no impact outside of your starting level for this campaign.

Characters may be any base class in any allowed book. A list of all allowed books and how each class might fit into the Forgotten Realms are provided in more detail later in this document.

Characters pick a region based on the race or ethnicity selected. Starting region determines where in the Forgotten Realms your character came from, what languages you start with, a bonus feat you get at 1st level, and your starting equipment. A list of regions is described in more detail later in this document.

Skills and skill point allocation works as per the rules in the Player’s Handbook.

Feats can be selected from any allowed book. The list of allowed books includes any limitations on specific feats are later in this document.

Select a patron Deity if appropriate. A list of Forgotten Realms Deities and their portfolios are provided later in this document. All divine casters must have a patron deity to cast divine spells.

Starting Equipment
Select one of the starting equipment packages associated with your region. You can select from the (A) or (B) option for your region but not both. Second level characters start with an additional 900 gold while first level characters start with the maximum starting wealth for their class.

Characters start play with 1+Cha modifier in potential contacts. For rules on using potential contacts see the Contacts house rule section later in this document.

Your Unique Thing
Each character should have one unique feature about them, an unusual trait that sets your character apart from everyone else. This unique thing can be almost anything but should be story driven. You unique thing will not grant you any extra abilities or powers. Your unique thing should provide a story effect, hint at your destiny, and drive character action.

Prestige Classes and Multiclassing
Prestige classes and multiclassing are valid options. I do ask that you keep your total number of classes to no more than 3 classes and that you take time to ensure the classes you take levels in have meaning for your character’s progression. Any restrictions or house rules specific to any prestige classes are provided later in this document.

Character Creation

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